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Abstract paintings have a beauty of their own – they display a wide range of effects and contemporary imageries that you don’t get to see in a portrait painting or landscape art. A lot of the effects created on abstract painting comes from pouring tricks that we will discuss in detail in this article.

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Pouring is used to ease out the unevenness in a painting and give smooth textures to it. In the process, you get to see rich colours, marbleized effect and coating of smooth textures to cover up rough layers. It can be extremely fun and tricky at the same time.

Although they look quite easy to the eyes they are not really that easy. When it comes to pouring in acrylic paints there are two ways of doing it: coated pours and wash pours. Both of them produce two distinct types of pouring effects. If you are looking to learn these two tricks in painting, you have come to the right place.

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Coated Pour Technique

The effects in a coated pour art resemble an oil painting, with only more intense colours and glossy effect. When you are doing coated pouring, it is advisable to use more medium along with acrylic paints and less to no water at all. The layers that will be created as a result of it will be fluid and have many layers to it. Further, the finish will also be glossier than most paintings.

Here’s how you can get this technique right:

  • Take an acrylic pouring medium and add as less water to it as possible, which means it should be less than half the medium taken.
  • Don’t just add water to the pouring medium to thin it out. You can test the medium on the canvas to see for yourself if you would really need water with it.
  • You can prevent the spill of the excess medium on the canvas by blocking the edges of the canvas with a cover or container or a solid block of wood.
  • You could also use some device to ensure that the levels that you create remain the same while drying up also.
  • Before you do the pouring, apply primer over the canvas.

Water Pour Technique

Unlike coated pouring which resembles the vividness of an oil painting, water pouring gives the effects of a watercolour painting. The colours will be shallow because amount of water used in it with acrylic paints will be more than coated pouring.

Here’s how you can get this technique right:

  • In this technique of pouring, it is advisable not to use any medium with the paints.
  • Use as much water as you want, which should be more than half the paint used.
  • The effect should absorb on the canvas as quickly as possible.
  • Unlike coated pouring, you do not have to cover up the edges to prevent free flowing of the paint on the surface.
  • The more you allow the free flowing of the paint on the surface, the better will be the intensity of the effect. Allow the colours to merge with one another.

Pouring techniques are quick catching up with artists over the world as they are bright and colourful and justify the intensity of abstract painting. Try these simple tricks when you do pouring painting the next time and share with us your experience of it in the comment section below. Happy Painting!

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No Party Like The After Party – 87th Annual Academy Award

Pearls, crystals, silver and glitter, four words that describe perfectly fashion on the 87th Annual Academy Award ceremony. Dresses were chosen on the assumption that less is better, as far as colors, and more is better regarding the details. From Julianne Moore’s 80 000 hand-sewn crystals to Lupita Nyong’o’s dress made from 6,000 pearls it was a night for shining. The dress was reportedly stolen and then returned by the thief claiming the pearls were not real.

Second round

From a metaphoric vanity fair to a real “Vanity Fair”after party, the fashion is unstoppable. Just when you think that maybe the stars have relaxed, after all the awards have been given, there is no suspense now, no need to compete, they impress you the most. The night is not over until it’s over.

The second round dresses were not less thrilling than the one from the ceremony. While on the award ceremony, ladies are trying to reach the old Hollywood elegancy, by playing safe, in regard of skin reveling and hairstyle, after party offers them a chance to show a little skin, to take a risk with patterns, colors, and length of their dresses.  And the used that chance in the best possible way.

Little to imagine

Opposite of the tame looks on the Oscar ceremony, ladies were now ready to free themselves from the chains of decency. Some of the dresses at the after party left little to imagination. The most reveling outfit of the night definitely was Rita Ora’ssee-through black floor-length gown.

Another star that decided to show more skin is Irina Shayk who wore dress which left her left side completely open. Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga also wore see-trough dresses, or dresses with see-trough parts.

Back to black

Every woman knows that you can always look stunning in a black dress, it is a statement of style, glamour, and depending on the cut, it can be fun, edgy, elegant or a humble dress. It is a perfect clubbing dress and ideal choice for a restaurant dinner. You almost can’t go wrong with a black dress. Thandie Newton chose a killer black dress with golden details around the waist and on the shoulders, and she has proven that black and gold is the winner combination.


Prepare Your Skin for Summers This Season

I have been hibernating under layers of clothes all during the winter season, but with the hint of summers approaching my heart leaps with joy. No more hiding and layering. Don’t get me wrong I love to wear my different jackets in style but summer season is a welcome change. It is a sign of bring out those Capri pants and halter neck tops.

Summer season also brings in a lot of skin damage and unhealthy tanning. You need to be extra careful during the summer season. Winter season is not skin friendly either. Your skin under all those clothes needs some TLC (tender love and care). Follow these steps to pamper and prepare your skin before you step out in that faltering dress.


We all know how important water is not just for our metabolism but also for our skin. We tend to forget and ignore this. The most important thing for taking care of our health is to drink plenty of water. Hydrate your skin from within to be able to step out in the sun. Detoxify your skin and your system for that completely moisturized and flawless skin.


Exfoliation removes dead, dull skin. It helps to prevent congestion of pores. Do it while taking a bath three times a week. Blocked pores will make your skin look boring. Also the skin would not be able to breathe. It is great before using toner and applying makeup. Once you have exfoliated never forget to put moisturizer.


Summer season is the best time for water based bruits. Consume plenty of melon, watermelon and coconut water to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated from inside. Fruits and vegetables rich in Vit- A, C and E act as antioxidants, so they help in keeping your skin looking bright and light. Have green leafy veggies for skin nourishing.


Summer season is no excuse to stop moisturizing your skin. Exfoliating skin will leave your skin dehydrated so make sure to moisturize your skin before you go to bed. Pay attention to your feet, hands and lips as they often get neglected.


I believe we should get a massage regularly. It not only helps in relaxing but helps a great deal to tone our muscles. A massage will improve your mental health it tightens your skin and helps in getting rid of any skin blemishes.

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Benefits Of Night Creams for Your Face

If you thought that using night creams only made your skin soft and supple, then you are partly wrong. These creams tend to do much more than that. They enhance and maintain the health of your skin at all stages of life. They even provide acne treatment and help you get rid of those stubborn blemishes. Use the best night creams available in the market for clearing pimples. Let them work on your skin all night long and get additional acne treatment for your skin while you sleep peacefully at night.

The main benefit of using a night cream

The skin’s regeneration power is sky-high at nights. This means that if your skin gets proper acne treatment ingredients or creams at night, it will react to the treatment faster than ever. Night creams play a major role in keeping dirt off your face. They partially block the pores and prevent oil from seeping into the pores of the skin. A night cream is developed to prevent blackheads and pimples from occurring and reoccurring on the same spots of your face for gaining the best smooth skin. The skin tends to absorb active ingredients quickly at night than during the day for offering rapid acne treatment at nights.

Ingredients used in a night cream

The ingredients used in a night cream completely vary from one brand to another. Some are herbal based while some contain strong antioxidants and antimicrobial ingredients to provide acne treatment for your skin. Some of the ingredients used are vitamin C, E, and A; jojoba, olive, apricot, and rose oils; aloe vera, honey, shea butter, jasmine, and amino acids, etc.

Essential benefits of night creams

These creams work like magic all through the hours of the night. They keep your face hydrated and provide moisture to the dry areas of the face. A night cream boosts the collagen of your skin and helps in blood circulation. It keeps the pores of the skin firm, prevents sagging, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It prevents extra moisture and oil from seeping into your skin pores, resulting in the acne treatment. It has essential properties, which renew and repair skin cells to provide a healthy glowing skin in the morning. The major benefit is the added softness and elasticity. These night creams act as one of the best remedies for pimples.

Some important factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing a night cream

Choosing the right cream that is apt for your skin is always a challenge. Make sure that the cream is not too thick as it could end up clogging the pores of your skin and blocking sweat from seeping out. Choose a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic cream that protects, repairs, and lends effective acne treatment for your pimples. Pick the best cream for pimples from the available options in the market.

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9 Tricks For Salon Finished Nail Paint

We all love to take care of ourselves. We drink green tea for better health; we apply anti-tan for great face and lip balms for soft supple lips. Another thing we love is adding color to our attire by adding colored streaks to our hair, putting on makeup and wearing bright hued lipsticks. We also love to flaunt our perfectly manicured nails with a great nail color.

For those perfect nails we either go for false nails, if our natural nails are not healthy otherwise we love to get pampered and get manicures for those healthy looking nails. There are ways to keep your nails looking absolute best without heading to the salon for the perfectly finished nail paint. All you need are the things that you find at home and your favorite nail paint.


In order to have flawless nails your hand should be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized.

  • Scrub away any dirt and dry skin
  • Push back the cuticles around the nails
  • Moisturize well to keep your hand soft


Follow the natural shape of your nail and using a nail filler shape your nails. Place the filler between your nail and skin and move in one direction. Once you have shaped your nail use a buffer to give your nail a clean shape


Before you apply new nail paint, it is important to take off the old one. You need to use a non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone leaves your nail dehydrated and yellow. Take some acetone free nail paint remover and with the help of cotton clean your nail thoroughly.


While applying your nail paints always make sure that you protect your finger tips from any smudges or errors. Apply a bit of Vaseline or any cream around your nail so that you can get rid of any errors that you make.


If you apply just a simple coat of your nail paint then make sure that you use a transparent top coat to seal the nail color. A top coat helps in maintaining the nail color intact for longer. Try to use a quick dry top coat.


Your skin around the nails is protected by cream so even if you smudge your nail polish, you can wipe them clean. Even if you make some errors take a small brush and dip it in nail polish remover and carefully remove all the mistakes and smudges around your nail.

Nail Care

How To Choose The Best Frame Of Shades For Your Face.

Summers are just around the corner and we are almost out with our flip flops, our hats and our SPF lotions. So, I decided to go for eyeshade shopping and was amazed. I could not imagine that for so many years we have been wearing wrong pairs of shades.  The shape of the frame should be picked out based on the shape of your face.

While picking out our frames we were shown an array of colors and shapes. I have a round face whereas my friend has a long one, thus we could not buy the same frame. Picking out the right kind is like getting those perfect eyebrows that will define your features.

There are a few things that you must consider before you try on a new pair of shades

  • Always pick out shades, which have UV protected lenses
  • If you are choosing a pair for a specific outing like a beach or for a trip in to the mountains, choose accordingly
  • One frame does not suit all so be patient while trying on different frames
  • Play with the colors of the lenses and color of the frames
  • Try on many pairs before you finalize on one

Let’s have a look at various shapes of frames, that best describes your style and frames your face just right the right way.


Round faces are circular without any sharp lines or angles. While choosing a pair of shades for round shaped face, you should consider adding a bit of contrast. By doing so, your face will look thinner and longer. Here are some points to consider when choosing the frame for a round face

  • Choose glasses that are wider, it gives the illusion of a slim face
  • Try frames with prints, stones and other embellishments
  • Pick the frame with clear bridge, so that the shades rest on your nose rather on cheeks


A heart shaped face resembles the shape of heart. If you have a wide forehead but a well defines chin, you have a heart shaped face. Your cheekbones are high and your chin is pointed, you do not want to pick a pair of shades that would make your forehead look wider. You can choose a pair from the styles like:

  • Rectangular frames
  • Round frames
  • Oval frames
  • Aviators
  • Wayfarer


If you have a proportionate face structure, you must have an oval face. It is believed to be the ideal shape and any sort of frame will look great on you. But there are certain frames that would throw off the proportions. Choose a frame that is a bit wider than your forehead and embellishments also look great. Oversized frames should completely be avoided for an oval face. Styles that would look great on you are:

  • Square shaped
  • Cat-eye
  • Wayfarer
  • Club master
  • Aviator


If you have strong jawline and defined features with typical angles, you have a square shaped face. It is one of the uncommon face shapes. To pick out the right frame, you need to pick the one which softens the face’s angles and lengthens. Add curved frames to your collection to make your face look slimmer and longer. Frames that are rounded add curves. Pick out frames that are wider and deep. Also make sure that the color you choose should be natural like beige and cream. Styles that look great with square shaped face are:

  • Aviators
  • Jacky- O
  • Cat-eye

After you have identified your face shape, don’t limit yourself to any particular style of shades. Be playful and experiment with different styles. Every frame styles have various sizes to choose your taste and your face shape. Make sure that you try on various styles and various frames before you decide on one frame. Buy a pair that is manufactured by a good brand, you do not want to spoil your eyes in the process. Play with your shades and chill this summer.