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How To Choose The Best Frame Of Shades For Your Face.

Summers are just around the corner and we are almost out with our flip flops, our hats and our SPF lotions. So, I decided to go for eyeshade shopping and was amazed. I could not imagine that for so many years we have been wearing wrong pairs of shades.  The shape of the frame should be picked out based on the shape of your face.

While picking out our frames we were shown an array of colors and shapes. I have a round face whereas my friend has a long one, thus we could not buy the same frame. Picking out the right kind is like getting those perfect eyebrows that will define your features.

There are a few things that you must consider before you try on a new pair of shades

  • Always pick out shades, which have UV protected lenses
  • If you are choosing a pair for a specific outing like a beach or for a trip in to the mountains, choose accordingly
  • One frame does not suit all so be patient while trying on different frames
  • Play with the colors of the lenses and color of the frames
  • Try on many pairs before you finalize on one

Let’s have a look at various shapes of frames, that best describes your style and frames your face just right the right way.


Round faces are circular without any sharp lines or angles. While choosing a pair of shades for round shaped face, you should consider adding a bit of contrast. By doing so, your face will look thinner and longer. Here are some points to consider when choosing the frame for a round face

  • Choose glasses that are wider, it gives the illusion of a slim face
  • Try frames with prints, stones and other embellishments
  • Pick the frame with clear bridge, so that the shades rest on your nose rather on cheeks


A heart shaped face resembles the shape of heart. If you have a wide forehead but a well defines chin, you have a heart shaped face. Your cheekbones are high and your chin is pointed, you do not want to pick a pair of shades that would make your forehead look wider. You can choose a pair from the styles like:

  • Rectangular frames
  • Round frames
  • Oval frames
  • Aviators
  • Wayfarer


If you have a proportionate face structure, you must have an oval face. It is believed to be the ideal shape and any sort of frame will look great on you. But there are certain frames that would throw off the proportions. Choose a frame that is a bit wider than your forehead and embellishments also look great. Oversized frames should completely be avoided for an oval face. Styles that would look great on you are:

  • Square shaped
  • Cat-eye
  • Wayfarer
  • Club master
  • Aviator


If you have strong jawline and defined features with typical angles, you have a square shaped face. It is one of the uncommon face shapes. To pick out the right frame, you need to pick the one which softens the face’s angles and lengthens. Add curved frames to your collection to make your face look slimmer and longer. Frames that are rounded add curves. Pick out frames that are wider and deep. Also make sure that the color you choose should be natural like beige and cream. Styles that look great with square shaped face are:

  • Aviators
  • Jacky- O
  • Cat-eye

After you have identified your face shape, don’t limit yourself to any particular style of shades. Be playful and experiment with different styles. Every frame styles have various sizes to choose your taste and your face shape. Make sure that you try on various styles and various frames before you decide on one frame. Buy a pair that is manufactured by a good brand, you do not want to spoil your eyes in the process. Play with your shades and chill this summer.