No Party Like The After Party – 87th Annual Academy Award

Pearls, crystals, silver and glitter, four words that describe perfectly fashion on the 87th Annual Academy Award ceremony. Dresses were chosen on the assumption that less is better, as far as colors, and more is better regarding the details. From Julianne Moore’s 80 000 hand-sewn crystals to Lupita Nyong’o’s dress made from 6,000 pearls it was a night for shining. The dress was reportedly stolen and then returned by the thief claiming the pearls were not real.

Second round

From a metaphoric vanity fair to a real “Vanity Fair”after party, the fashion is unstoppable. Just when you think that maybe the stars have relaxed, after all the awards have been given, there is no suspense now, no need to compete, they impress you the most. The night is not over until it’s over.

The second round dresses were not less thrilling than the one from the ceremony. While on the award ceremony, ladies are trying to reach the old Hollywood elegancy, by playing safe, in regard of skin reveling and hairstyle, after party offers them a chance to show a little skin, to take a risk with patterns, colors, and length of their dresses.  And the used that chance in the best possible way.

Little to imagine

Opposite of the tame looks on the Oscar ceremony, ladies were now ready to free themselves from the chains of decency. Some of the dresses at the after party left little to imagination. The most reveling outfit of the night definitely was Rita Ora’ssee-through black floor-length gown.

Another star that decided to show more skin is Irina Shayk who wore dress which left her left side completely open. Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga also wore see-trough dresses, or dresses with see-trough parts.

Back to black

Every woman knows that you can always look stunning in a black dress, it is a statement of style, glamour, and depending on the cut, it can be fun, edgy, elegant or a humble dress. It is a perfect clubbing dress and ideal choice for a restaurant dinner. You almost can’t go wrong with a black dress. Thandie Newton chose a killer black dress with golden details around the waist and on the shoulders, and she has proven that black and gold is the winner combination.

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